Vandergrift Youth Center Work Day


August 31st – 8 AM till We’re Done.


The Kiski Area Youth Network Youth Center

306 1/2 Spruce St. Vandergrift PA


The Kiski Area Youth Network’s facility in Vandergrift is ready to begin renovations. The building is located centrally within the Kiski school district, just above Davis Field and only a short 6 minute drive from the high school. For those familiar with the area the facility was the old Senior Center.

Once renovated, they will hold their various student programs from the location. Step One for making this happen is DEMOLITION.

For the 31st we will be tearing down several old concrete walls to make room for the new construction. So grab your gloves, your safety glasses, and your fierce determination; and come join us.

Click here for more about the Kiski Area Youth Network.

Click here to find them on FACEBOOK.

Click here for more about their HUDDLE UP Campaign which is raising the money to complete the Renovations.


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