This Is What Coming Home Feels Like!

We believe that God reveals Himself so that we can KNOW Him, LOVE Him & LIVE fully alive in Him.

Our desire to be a Biblical Community of Faith; DISCIPLES, WORSHIPERS, & STEWARDS of Christ’s Kingdom.

Our focus is on helping individuals to LOVE GOD, to STRENGTHEN their FAMILY, & to TRANSFORM thier COMMUNITY.

So come & join us!

DEEPEN your Roots & DEVELOP the Relationships that give Life meaning.

Everyone has a Purpose & a Place where they belong.

Isn’t it time you found yours?

About Us:

The Community Church of Pine Run is a Community of Faith that is biblically-based, family-oriented, naturally diverse and multi-generational; committed to loving God and others in real and practical ways. That’s not a mission statement, it’s just who we are.

Now, over the course of the last 159 years, have we always succeeded at doing this well? Of course not. What we have done though, is kept pressing forward, because God’s faithfulness inspires us to get back up every time we fall and to try again – together.

News & Events

  • Together Again!
    As we prepare to come together again, we are making several adjustments to our gatherings. For the protection of our community, our plans will comply with all applicable State and Federal guidelines for Religious gatherings.
  • Another in the Fire | Hillsong UNITED
    I love this song because it highlights the Biblical truth that while God has promised that ALL THOSE WHO CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED…
  • The Millennial Question
    Entrepreneur and Speaker Simon Sinek explains what he calls the Millennial Question. Essentially… “What do we do with these Kids?” So what does this have to do with us you ask? Ministry leaders have been essentially asking the exact same question that these business leaders have been asking. These days, we are struggling to understand why it is that Millennials have, for the most part, either abandoned the Faith or at the least, abandoned the Church. Of course what is convenient for us is to just blame them for being selfish… and we often do. But what is needed is for us to try and understand them, and meet them where they are.